Are you a project manager? Do you get things done?

Vanessa Janssen|virtual project manager|24-05-2020

Savvy skills for successful project management

I think we all have some project manager inside of us. Planning your vacation; your wedding or your son’s birthday party. All these activities need planning!

All the activities (projects) have one thing in common, a date. Its either the completion date or your starting date. In most cases we don’t like to be bothered with planning so we outsource these activities and someone gets it done for us. In the end, the birthday party was a success and your vacation to Las Vegas was well….. ( what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas). 

There were no complicated systems used such as Prince2 or PMP…. I know what you are saying right now “a birthday party” is not a complex project, like launching a product or a service. Yes, that is true but it’s not about the complexity of your project, it’s about getting the project done!

It could be a plus to know all about systems, to have hard skills, and yes, your project will be completed but how? maybe not in the estimated time or with various issues. Project management is so much more than plan, coordinate, and implement.  It is “Getting things done”; by using savvy skills. 

My top 3 savvy skills I use to get things done!! 

The first one is being proactive, we always hear that we need to be proactive, but what does it mean when managing a project? 

It means taking direction and responsibility; you are given a deadline and you commit to that deadline but it also means taking control when you see certain things are not going the way they are supposed to. You initiate a new direction instead of reacting after an incident has happened you could have foreseen.  It’s not always easy, I have initiated and took a different direction; and at that moment I thought I did the right thing, but it wasn’t at the end, what saved the project was my ownership I took the responsibility. 

Troubleshooting is a savvy skill that is just as important as being proactive. There are so many factors we are not always able to control, like for instance the weather, this may cause delivery delay. It could be a pandemic… just saying, factors beyond our control. This means that our plan A, won’t be executed as planned; we need a plan B and if necessary, a plan C. 

Altogether it boils down to, no matter what, the problem will get solved!  I love to troubleshoot; creative thinking, I would also call it; and just in those moments when you think there is no solution; you always find one! 

As a project manager you should be able to be flexible; don’t be afraid to adjust your opinion or ask others for their opinion.  Are you open to suggestions? Project management is usually managing a group with different expertise, different way of thinking; you need to be open for their point of view and adjust accordingly. In the end, it’s all about the common goal.

Check out my top 3 savvy checklist, to use when managing your project or when you are going to outsource a project; the secrets for successful project management.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional information. 

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