Keeping it simple…!

Keeping it simple, is not that easy as it sounds, especially not for an overthinker like me. Yes, I admit, I am guilty as charged of overthinking sometimes. The drive to deliver excellence, beyond expectations, can have a disadvantage. However, it has taught me, to make complex issues straightforward and effortless.  

Projects can also be complex; we don’t know how and where to start. In our thoughts, we know exactly what we want to do, but it helps to put it in writing and to keep on track with your project. Of course, there is so much available for tracking, we can use complicated spreadsheets in Excel or Gantt. You can even use an “old fashion” notebook yet it is crucial information for your project. This is the overthinking part.

I say keep it simple and to support you I have made a free printable project plan template so you don’t have to overthink. Below some lingo to help you complete your template.   

Project name 
It goes without saying, your project should have a name, a reference. Try to keep it short or use an abbreviation. While typing this word, I am thinking about how ironic the word abbreviation is.

Starting date 
When are you going to start? You could also use this starting date for when you have completed the project document template. This date can be very significant in the future when evaluating if you were realistic about setting your deadline.  

You can’t have a project without a deadline. This can be your launching date, implementation date, delivery date, the date when your project will be finalized. Yes, I said it, will be, because there is no option for delay. Read my previous blog about savvy skills for successful project management.

Last but not least, you should have a budget. This should be your guideline; to follow your costs during your project. I know this can be difficult, see it as a tool to aid in your project. 

Let’s get started, by keeping it simple, no more overthinking. You can always contact me if you need additional information starting your project and don’t forget you can always outsource. 

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