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Vanessa Janssen |virtual project manager|03-06-2020

Being in an online business, providing support, can be a bit confusing to others. What is it that you do? Virtual? Project-manager? These are some of the questions, I have received since I started this journey. This blog will hopefully answer the most important questions.  

Yes, before we start talking projects, I need to start by explaining what a project is. Needless to say, that there are various definitions of a project. So, I will give you my interpretation of a project. A project, series of tasks, to create a unique product, service, or result and with a specific beginning and end. 

This can still be a bit vague, so I will break it down for you. I have categorized 2 types of projects.  

Administrative projects: 

  • implementing a new process, 
  • auditing an existing process 
  • researching and implementing software  
  • launching websites 
  • launching product  
  • writing work instructions 
  • creating onboarding programs (new clients/new employees) 

Events projects :

  • business meetings (national/international) 
  • company parties (anniversary/ holiday) 
  • business opening 
  • teambuilding (national/international) 
  • congress  
  • relocation office/ internal  
  • interior office design/solutions 

I know that when you are looking at this summary, you know that there is at least one project you need to realize. However, you just can’t find the time and let’s be honest, it’s not your cup of tea.  

You are a busy entrepreneur and have other important things, relating to your core business to accomplish and I totally understand. This is the part where I tell you, that you can outsource your project.

Sure, one of your team members can assist you, but can they be 100% dedicated to this project?

Here is where I come in as your virtual project manager; by providing you with the necessary support. My forte is getting things done. I am your troubleshooter, your conductor for your internal and external issues. 

The virtual part means, that I am flexible support; no offices space needed, no additional employees’ cost.  

Are your questions answered? Would you like to know more? I know this can be overwhelming, my advice is, be pro-active, let’s talk projects, schedule a free “troubleshoot” session with me.

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